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Global cities declared their smart development strategy. Last update: December, 2023

City Quality Audit



Scope: Self-assessment report review strategy readiness and transparent action and information streamline with citizens.

Duration: 7 min, Questions: 113



Scope: Self-examination of processes related to city planning, public services, regulatory compliance, and other essential functions.
Duration: 7 min, Questions: 109


Scope: Assess the planning, execution, and monitoring of projects, ensuring alignment and efficiency of the city’s goals.
Duration: 7 min, Questions: 111

Smart City Strategy

Research, compare and write your city development strategy. Keep attention on citizens’ needs. Focus on city environment efficiency, quality and sustainability. Build cities for people.

City Process Quality

Evaluate parts of your city operations processes. Find problematic parts and optimize them. Find a better, faster, or cheaper solution to improve city service. Review operations quality.

City for Citizens

Expert research of organization,  and communication with citizens. Increase popularity,  target properly. Keep control of opinion, be aware of what people say.

When you need it?

Service Quality Debts
Service Quality Enhancement
To improve the quality of services provided to residents, a city might review its processes.
Technology Integration
Part of Innovation
This could involve implementing digital solutions to enhance efficiency, communication, and data.
Cost Reduction
Budget Constraints
Identify opportunities for cost reduction without compromising essential city services.
Strategic Planning
Direction Change
Ensure that resources are allocated effectively and that the city is moving in the desired direction.
Regulation and Compliance
Important in areas such as public safety, environmental protection, and data privacy.
Feedback Evaluation
Feedback Action
Seeking feedback from residents, businesses, and employees can be a reason for process reviews.

What it gives to you?

Faster Processes
Improve/Automate Process

Faster processes increase the level of comfort for both – city administrative as well as citizens.

Transparent Actions
Understandable Strategy
Easier connection between city project and communication actions vs. planned strategy goals.
Better Communication
Increase Popularity
Well-organised public and social communication increase transparence and popularity.

What we do for you.

Requirements Analysis

Analytics and Documentation

We will find out the specifics of your city or village and propose a solution that best meets your needs

Planning & Design
Roadmap and Project Planning

We will create a comprehensive plan that combines the latest technologies and sustainable practices for the intelligent development of urban infrastructure

Education & Training
Feedback Action

We offer training and a workshop for your employees so that they are able to effectively use new technologies and systems.

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